State Inspection


Route 22 Nissan Service Department Houses NJ Motor Vehicle Inspection for All Makes and Models

HILLSIDE, NJ ? After months of deliberation, the Township of Hillside granted the ability for Route 22 Nissan to host New Jersey State Motor Vehicle Inspections within their brand new Service Department, for all makes and models of vehicles, providing the mandatory emission testing for only $49.95.

Drivers will no longer have to worry about failing their inspection due to faulty windshield wipers or broken signals or lights. Although, those are issue that must be taken care of for the safety of the driver and for fellow vehicles on the road. The benefit of having the New Jersey State Inspection held within the Service Department of Route 22 Nissan is that drivers will not have to worry about driving too far to fix vehicles that are unable to pass the inspection. Route 22 Nissan is offering the convenience of having their elite service technicians on high alert to vehicles that are at risk to failing inspection as well as vehicles that have the minor issues that can have a major impact on motorist safety.

"The inspection station within our dealership is going to have a big impact on our community. Our customers and neighbors will not have to worry about driving far to have their vehicles inspected and fixed, if they should fail," states Joe Gorr, Route 22 Nissan's General Manager. "This is a great opportunity that I hope our community takes advantage of and since we sell all makes and models, we are able to repair and service any vehicle to ensure state inspection success. Our strong relationship with other manufacturers helps us to process some if not all repairs and adjustments under warranty, if the vehicle is non Nissan."

Route 22 Nissan offers ample parking and shuttle services for their consumers, but if vehicles should need maintenance to pass inspection, consumers can take advantage of the dealer's competitive rental car program. If a consumer's vehicle is immobile, or for consumer convenience, Route 22 Nissan will be offering a concierge program that will pick up a vehicle for servicing and inspection while leaving a rental with the consumer. After the completion of the service and the inspection, the consumer's vehicle will be returned and the rental car will be driven back to the dealer. 

The emission testing will be mandatory for vehicles four years and older. New vehicles and vehicles less than four years in age will be exempt from the emission testing for approximately five years, under the new program granted in 2010. The emission testing focuses on repairing vehicles that are not in compliance with the National Clean Air Act that was passed in 1990.