Express Service


Why go anywhere but Route 22 Nissan Service?

Welcome to Route 22 Nissan! We have designated service bays and factory trained technicians. By using special processes, tools and equipment, our express technicians can provide certain types of maintenance and repairs to your vehicle in less time than it used to take while you wait!

Express Service is a new way for your Nissan dealer to offer faster service for certain types of maintenance and repairs. By using special processes, tools and equipment, our Honda-trained technicians can service your vehicles in less time than it used to take. Don't worry we're not cutting corners. We're simply working on better ways to serve our customers. Many of the services you need most are available through Express Service. Ask your Service Adviser for details.

Express Service gives you convenience, speed and value.
When you visit your participating Nissan dealer for Express Service, you'll receive prompt attention from a dedicated service advisor. Express Service customers use a special service lane to ensure your vehicle will be taken care of quickly and always at a competitive price. With Express Service, you'll have plenty of time to do other things like learn how to dance!

...but not for too long!
Have a cup (or a half cup) of hot, fresh coffee. Read today's newspaper (or at least one section). Relax (for a little while). You won't spend much time waiting for Express Service to be completed but want you to be comfortable for the fried time you'll be here.

We know you didn't come here to dance, but our service technicians are actually a form of dance when they perform Express Service maintenance. Although they don't do the tango or the waltz (at least not during working hours), they do service vehicles according to a special choreography, which was developed by observing technicians at work. These special "dance steps" enable to technicians to perform their work better and faster allowing our customers to enjoy shorter waiting times while receiving the quality service you expect form Honda. Of course, we don't charge more for Express Service it's the same competitive price as our regular service.

Ask your service advisor about Express Service today. Save time tomorrow.