Express Battery Service


Express Battery Service

Come in to our Nissan dealerships today to take advantage of the free multi-point inspection to make sure that you, and your battery, are ready for the road ahead. Bring in your car to a Nissan Express Service dealer for a battery diagnostic test if you notice any of these symptoms of a dying battery:

  • Slow cranking when you try to start your vehicle
  • Clicking noises when turning the key
  • Interior lights start to dim
  • The dashboard battery warning light stays illuminated when your vehicle is running
  • Corrosion on the battery terminals when you pop the hood
  • Blown or missing fuses
  • You need to jump start your vehicle to get it running
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Free Battery Test

In less than one minute this test will provide you with a report stating whether your battery is safe for the road, needs to be recharged, or needs to be replaced.

Schedule an appointment to come down. Nissan Express Service makes worrying about the health of your battery a thing of the past. You can be assured that a trained Nissan technician will perform a full battery health check.

We Use Only the Best Factors like extreme temperature, vibration, or poor maintenance, can affect the health of your battery. We install only genuine Nissan replacement batteries, which are designed to meet your vehicle's original specifications, so you can leave confident in the quality and fit of your new battery.